Wine Makers Headquarters News

Wine Makers Headquarters is now opened at the new location. 3622 Belmont Ave Suite # 3, Youngstown, Ohio. 44505. Across the street from Walmart.


DIRECTIONS: From the old store location.

1. Take East Market street to 82 East to 193 (Belmont Ave), turn right headed towards Liberty, across the street from Walmart. 

2. Take 422 East towards Girard, turn left on Churchill Rd (Rt. 304). At the intersection (stop light) of Churchill Rd and Belmont Ave turn right, across the street from Walmart.

3. Take 422 East (past the Eastwood Mall), turn left on Tibbetts Wick Rd, (McKinley Heights). Turn right on (OH-193) Belmont Ave, across the street from Walmart.

DIRECTIONS: From Austintown and Boardman.

1. Take 11 North/I -80 East, take exit 229 (OH-193)/Belmont Ave, turn right off the exit and at the light turn right on Belmont Ave, across the street from Walmart.

DIRECTIONS: From Poland.

1. Take I-680 N, take exit 3A for OH-711 toward I-80 E/Girard/New York, continue onto OH-711 N, take the Gypsy Lane exit toward OH-193/Belmont Ave. Turn left onto Gypsy Ln, turn left onto OH-193 N. Across the street from Walmart

DIRECTIONS: From Pennsylvania.

1. From Pennsylvania, take I-80 West towards Youngstown, take exit 229 (OH-193) Belmont Ave, turn left on Belmont Ave, across the street from Walmart.

Sorry for any inconvenience with the move. Wine Makers Headquarters is looking forward to maintaining a good customer base and to continue serving the Youngstown, Warren, Austintown, Boardman, Poland and Sharon/New Castle PA areas.  

Wine Makers Headquarters

About Us


What's available:

Wine Makers Headquarters stocks a complete inventory of "do it yourself" wine making and beer making kits, supplies and accessories.  We pride ourselves in being a local, fully stocked, "one-stop-shop" for every home wine and beer making enthusiast. And for the beginner, we make wine or beer making easy. We have the best equipment and the finest kits available, packaged together so you can get started immediately.

Featuring kits from WineXpert, the world's largest manufacturer of

the most consistent, highest quality wine & refreshment beverage kits.

Also stocking the complete line of Brewer's Best "All Malt" beer kits. 

Wine Makers Headquarters located in Youngstown, Ohio.

Serving the Youngstown, Warren, Poland, Boardman, New Castle & Sharon area.

• Many different wine & beer flavors to choose from.

• Make great tasting wine and beer in just 4 weeks.

• Kits include everything you need except water. 

• Kits make 6 gallons at a time. 

Very easy to make, easier to drink.


New at Wine Makers Headquarters: 

Wine Keeper’s Inn Wine

Our brand name for our wine is Wine Keeper’s Inn

Since the 1980’s Wine Makers Headquarters has been producing quality wine from the excellent grapes and juice from Ohio and California. Our wines have been consistent award-winners in national and international competitions across the country with a range of varieties and styles.

Our goal is to provide the area with the highest quality wine available from around the world that is manufactured right here in the Mahoning Valley. From our legendary Red Blends to our White and Blush Wines, and now we would like to introduce to you our new Fruit Wines and Ice Wines.


All wine sales help support the Warrior Music Foundation

Warrior Music Foundation Mission

(Helping Those who Serve)

Their mission is to serve our active duty military, veterans and their families as they deal with the complexities of PTSD by providing a venue for learning, healing and camaraderie using music lessons in both individual and group settings - all influenced by music therapy.  They are currently offering lessons in Towson, MD Millersville, MD. Monroeville, PA, New Castle PA.

New at Wine Makers Headquarters



Why make wine?

Value: You can craft winery-quality wine for a fraction of what you would spend on similar wine-store bought wine.

It's Fun: Experience the joy of wine making with family and friends.

Fruit Wines $165.00, $5.50 a bottle

Vintage Reserve $175.00, $5.80 bottle

World Vineyard $185.00, $6.16 a bottle

Selection Premium $225.00, $7.50 a bottle

Convenience: Have a cellar of wine for every occasion, for Holiday gift giving, weddings, parties, etc.

How it's done?

Call for an appointment.

Select your label & select a coordinating shrink cap to top it off.

Select your bottles or bring your own.

Start your wine with the guidance of our expert wine-maker.

We will try to have all the equipment set up for you ahead of time to skip the boring sanitation part.

While you are at home eagerly awaiting bottling day, we will make sure that it is all taken care of until then.

While your precious wine is under our care, Wine Makers Headquarters will handle the rest of the winemaking process. We will rack it off the sediment, degas it to speed up the aging process, clarify it to drop out more particulates, and finally we will filter it for a beautiful sparkle.

We will call you when your juice has been transformed into your wine, in approximately 6 - 8 weeks. (depending on the kit and store scheduling)

Bottling Day has arrived! Return to bottle your wine and apply your labels and shrink caps. Bring your camera to capture this fun event. Your party will come in and we will have everything sanitized and ready for you. We will help you bottle, label and apply your shrink caps to your bottles (yes, by law every bottle needs to be labeled before it leaves our premises).

Bringing your own bottles?

Clean your empty bottles with a non-scented wine supply cleaner like step one no rinse cleaner or rinse immediately after use with water.

Store bottles upside down to prevent mold. Mold will ruin your wine.

Remove all labels from your bottles. 

CAUTION: Avoid using the dishwasher or any detergent because this may affect the flavor of your wine.

Bring your bottles when your wine is ready to bottle. Prior to bottling you will rinse your bottles and sanitize them.

Price includes 30 corks, 30 labels, 30 shrink caps, distilled water and juice for up to 30 (750 ml) bottles. 

Bottles are extra or you may bring your own properly cleaned bottles. 

Price for standard Green or Clear 750ml bottles $1.25 each. 

The alcohol content of fruit wines may be increased with additional corn sugar up to 4 pounds. Each 1-pound increases alcohol content by 1%. 



If wine is what you want but don’t have the time to come in and make it yourself, we provide the service of making your wine for you. All you have to do is pick it up and enjoy it. The price for this service is $20.00 plus the cost of the package you select plus the bottles.

Sorry but no used bottles can be used for this program.

Wine on Premises: Packages start at $165.00 to $225.00.

Price includes 30 corks, 30 labels, 30 shrink caps and juice for up to 30 (750 ml) bottles. Bottles are extra or you may bring your own properly cleaned bottles. Price for standard Green or Clear 750ml bottles are $1.25 each.

All wine produced and bottled by:








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Wine Makers Headquarters

3622 Belmont Ave Suite # 3, Youngstown, Ohio. 44505

(330) 501-8774


Tue - Wed - Fri: 10am - 5pm

Thursday : Noon - 7:00pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Sunday, Monday :  Closed

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